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From RAM's President


Welcome to Romanian-American Mission (RAM), where the power of missions intertwines with the heart of local churches to create a profound impact for the glory of God!


The ministry began in 1996 with a partnership between Vasile Talos and the Baptist Union of Romania and Bob Jackson and a group of mission-minded Christians in the U.S.A. God has blessed and expanded the work and we are now reaching countries for christ all over Europe.

At RAM, we believe sharing the Gospel is most impactful when strategically connected with vibrant, Gospel-centered congregations. Our focus lies in planting and nurturing these local churches, forging partnerships with visionary leaders who share our passion for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). These strategic churches, filled with godly leadership, become our cherished allies as we embark on a shared mission to reach communities and nations for Christ.

RAM operates hand-in-hand with these strategic churches, recognizing that indigenous wisdom and knowledge are essential to effectively spreading the Good News. We embrace gospel partnerships with the understanding that our role is not to dictate missional strategies but rather to walk alongside these local churches as they shine the glorious light of Jesus Christ in their own contexts. Our conviction stems from the biblical truth that Christ died for the Church, and we wholeheartedly endorse this approach for its effectiveness in church planting and its indigenous nature, with missionaries and pastors already well-versed in their language and culture.

Through our Strategic Church Initiative, RAM is witnessing incredible things unfold. Our shared passion for Christ fuels our collective efforts to spread His love throughout the world.


We invite you to join us on this mission, where your participation will contribute to the labor of cultivating a fervent passion for Christ in every corner of the globe.

As RAM operates through strategic churches, we strive to accomplish several key objectives:

1.     Support and Strengthen Congregations: We aim to bolster each strategic church, empowering them to become influential "glocal" agents of change, impacting both their local communities and the global landscape for Christ.

2.     Short-term Mission Teams: Through our mission teams, we work alongside strategic churches to plant new congregations and support missionary pastors on the field. As strong mother churches initiate the church planting process, RAM is invited to provide essential assistance in fulfilling the mission.

3.     Leadership Development: RAM actively trains leaders for the local church, recognizing that well-equipped leadership is paramount to cultivating strong churches capable of transforming their countries for Christ.

4.     Children's and Family Ministries: RAM is dedicated to strengthening and developing God-centered children's and family ministries within partnering churches and their mission outreaches. We assist with relevant curriculum and equip leaders to nurture the faith of the next generations.

At RAM, we are committed to seeing the transformative power of the Gospel unfold through the synergy of missions and strategic churches. Together, let us embark on this journey, knowing that through our united efforts, countless lives will be touched with the gospel, communities will be transformed, and the name of Jesus will be exalted to the ends of the earth!

To God be all the glory!

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